10 Safety Tips for Biking

Biking is one of the most popular ways of exercising these days. It is so as it’s not only economical it also gives you the mobility to explore away from your usual surroundings and at same time utilizes every muscle in your body. Biking also offers a kind of mental alertness way more than the usual regimen done indoors.

If you plan of getting into biking as a way to get fit, here are 10 safety tips you can consider before hitting the road:


  1. Be sure that the bike’s seat is at the right height and is securely fastened.
  2. Make sure you have a bell warning and use the same to tell others of your approach
  3. It is always wise not to carry a passenger on the back of your bicycle. This overloads your bike and might trigger a trip and would let you lose your balance.
  4. Be courteous and don’t pedal too fast, this way you’ll avoid crashes and would still go home in one piece.
  5. Be alert and always observe traffic regulations when crossing intersections and when taking corners.
  6. Always respect the rights of pedestrians, especially if biking on sidewalk is permitted.
  7. Always give pedestrians the right-of-way.
  8. Always hook your bicycles to Bike racks to avoid towing and obstruction.
  9. Obey traffic lights, traffic signs and road markings at all times.
  10. Provide a good reflector on the rear, on the side and in front of your bicycle. These warnings will be most useful at night so you’ll be seen well at night.