E-cig vs. Traditional Cigarettes: What’s the Difference?

Traditional cigarettes have been taking a toll on smokers’ lives for centuries now. Cigarettes, just like any other thing have undergone evolution in size, shape and other features. But little has changed when it comes to their safety aspect. The traditional cigarettes are really harmful to your health and it’s a widely known fact. That’s where electronic cigarettes come in; they are safer and even help you quit smoking. Most people who are interested in electronic cigarettes are current smokers and they hope to have a reliable solution for the health problems caused by normal cigarettes. Let’s see some of the key differences between electronic and traditional cigarettes.

No distinctive bad odor

ecigsEveryone knows that traditional cigarettes smell bad and it goes without saying. The odor of these traditional cigarettes comes from the smoke of burnt tobacco and it could not be avoided back in those days. It also clings to your hair, car and anything that it comes in contact with and most people find this odor offensive. E-cigarettes don’t have this bad odor as the only thing that is present in them is the nicotine itself and it vaporizes immediately.

E-smoking is cheaper

If you are a smoker, you can very easily relate to this fact; smoking is costly and even more if you are a chain smoker. While the starter kit cost of e-cigarettes maybe a little higher, it only costs half the money in the long run. You would have to spend more on cigarette lighters, ash trays and other stuff that a typical smoker has to carry around. Electronic cigarettes are even free from taxes too, so you don’t need to pay anything more than the product value itself. This might even get cheaper like any other electronic device that we’ve seen.

E-cigarettes are safer

The health aspect of smoking is even more important than anything else and obviously, electronic cigarettes are a lot safer than the traditional ones. The traditional cigarettes are burning tar and countless other hazardous substances that can kill you really fast. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand only vaporize nicotine and it’s definitely much safer than all those plant matter that a traditional cigarette smoke contains. Since electronic cigarettes don’t have an open flame, you can stay safe from fire hazards and burns that a traditional cigarette can cause.

Apart from all these, traditional cigarettes have a bad name in the society. You will see more places with a ‘No smoking’ sign that tells you how creepy the habit is. Smoking is considered as a bad habit in most places around the world and you will find yourself being the odd one at some social events where the host is not a smoker.

But with electronic cigarettes, you can still keep your habit with less harmful effects to yourself and the society. Electronic cigarettes are even said to help smokers quit the habit completely. When you want to make the switch to healthier smoking, you could always find e-cigarettes helpful.