Do E-Cigarettes Help Quit Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are gaining more popularity nowadays as more people are becoming health conscious. It is obvious that electronic cigarettes are way too less harmful compared to the traditional cigarettes that produce smoke and tar. If all the people who wanted to quit smoking could do it by the use of electronic cigarettes, it would be great. As with most health related issues, the use of e-cigarettes is also controversial. Many believe it will tempt more people into starting the habit of smoking and yet another group believes it can actually help people who want to quit smoking.

ecig-quit-smokingA person who is addicted to smoking is basically addicted to the nicotine present in cigarettes. So, quitting the habit means he has to cut the nicotine? Not really, the bad effects of smoking usually come from the carcinogenic compounds present in the traditional cigarette. There is no way to consume nicotine without those carcinogenic substances contained within the smoke. This is where electronic cigarettes come into play. Electronic cigarettes can deliver nicotine by vaporizing it from a liquid container and there won’t be any other poisonous substances that are normally found in a typical cigarette. This is why electronic cigarettes are safer to use than their traditional counterparts.

When a survey was conducted on people who bought a particular brand of electronic cigarettes, it was found that 99% of them were smokers. Out of them, 31% said they would completely stop using cigarettes now that they have started using electronic cigarettes. Two-thirds of them said they would reduce the number of cigarettes that they smoked. It was also found that a third of those who quit smoking would also quit electronic cigarettes. These statistics are great and they point out that electronic cigarettes could actually work for people who want to quit the habit.

As with electronic cigarettes, they are still not labeled as a medical product intended for the treatment of cigarette addiction. Basically, it is a nicotine vaporizer and it hence falls in the category of tobacco products. It is almost a fact that electronic cigarettes have the potential to help people with the unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes, but it remains unestablished to the day. And moreover, there is a heated debate going on between researchers about the safety aspects of these electronic cigarettes.

One such claim is that it acts as a gateway to start smoking in the first place. There are non-smokers who tried electronic cigarettes just because they are comparatively safer than traditional cigarettes. Thus, as with most things out there, electronic cigarettes too have a downside. But from what we have heard so far, it is actually a working solution to people who badly want to quit cigarettes altogether.

Safety and efficiency of e-cigarettes in reducing harmful effects and helping people quit smoking are still controversial issues and need further investigation from medical researchers. Meanwhile, electronic cigarettes are being bought more and more by smokers all around the world with the hope of quitting smoking.